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In today’s rapidly evolving shopping landscape, experiential marketing delivers unparalleled results. Our audiences are fragmented and are consuming media in dramatically different ways than in years past: often in short bursts and on multiple devices. There are thousands of brands, pieces of content, celebrities, influencers and peers clamoring for their attention. This is making it increasingly difficult to capture attention with traditional advertising. Long gone are the days of passive marketing; to remain relevant today, brands must participate in active (and interactive) marketing.

Our specialty is bringing brands to life in an integrated and engaging way…through personal experiences. Whether it is a headline-grabbing publicity stunt in Times Square or a strategic brand partnership, we pride ourselves on finding new and exciting formats for allowing brands to create an emotional connection with their target audience. We design interactions in a variety of forms, with each engagement crafted to be interpersonal and hyper-relevant. Our work encompasses pop-up stores, in-store programming, promotional events, tours, corporate trainings, product launches, and PR stunts. As your collaborative partner, we will design an experiential marketing strategy from start to finish, providing a fully-integrated, multi-platform, shareable experience.

Experiential is more than just creating live events; it’s about giving consumers the opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship with a brand. In today’s evolving retail landscape, shoppers demand customized, interpersonal interaction.


As consumers began to turn away from separate GPS devices, Garmin needed a partner to change consumer perceptions of their brand and drive sales for their new fitness products at retail.

Garmin Case Study

Achieved a 9% lift in sales in covered stores versus non-covered stores over four months, which translated into a 198% return on GoPro’s original program investment

Go Pro Study

Increased mind share and market share for De’Longhi’s brands in retailers nationwide executed by a full-time Market Development program.

De’Longhi Case Study

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    Our experts employ a variety of methodologies to derive the maximum insight from diverse data streams.

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    As an extension of your brand, customer and associate engagement experts focus on driving the results you want.

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    Our team will help you to optimize online marketing channels, websites, and social media pages to drive
    in-store sales.

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    Exciting customer experiences that extend your brand’s influence beyond retail.

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    Break Fix and Merchandising specialists ensure your displays and products are ready to meet your customers.

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    Professional installers build cutting-edge shopping environments that provide memorable experiences for your customers.

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