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Experiential Services

Experiential solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving shopping landscape, experiential marketing delivers unparalleled results. Our audiences are fragmented and are consuming media in dramatically different ways than in years past: often in short bursts and on multiple devices. There are thousands of brands, pieces of content, celebrities, influencers and peers clamoring for their attention. This is making it increasingly difficult to capture attention with traditional advertising. Long gone are the days of passive marketing; to remain relevant today, brands must participate in active (and interactive) marketing.

Our specialty is bringing brands to life in an integrated and engaging way…through personal experiences. Whether it is a headline-grabbing publicity stunt in Times Square or a strategic brand partnership, we pride ourselves on finding new and exciting formats for allowing brands to create an emotional connection with their target audience. We design interactions in a variety of forms, with each engagement crafted to be interpersonal and hyper-relevant. Our work encompasses pop-up stores, in-store programming, promotional events, tours, corporate trainings, product launches, and PR stunts. As your collaborative partner, we will design an experiential marketing strategy from start to finish, providing a fully-integrated, multi-platform, shareable experience.

BDS Marketing Testimonial | Elizabeth Jones - SR. Director, Experiential/VP

Experiential is more than just creating live events; it’s about giving consumers the opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship with a brand. In today’s evolving retail landscape, shoppers demand customized, interpersonal interaction.




Content Generation

Investing in a live experience for your brand also means investing in a tremendous opportunity to create content. Effective content creation extends far beyond the activation itself, allowing your brand to interact with millions of consumers online before, during and after your program. Our team provides strategic road mapping for content development as well as production itself, with deliverables including social media vignettes, sizzle reels, time lapse edits, influencer spotlights, infographics, blog posts and more.


We work with some of the world’s largest retail brands to drive traffic in-store and/or online to purchase. Whether you want to boost awareness, increase sales, or rebrand initiatives to seasonal promotions, we will get you there. We will produce initiatives that are relevant to a particular launch or offering, and we always look to add a level of stickiness that makes consumers want to come back for more.

Immersive B2B Events

In order to remain relevant in today’s complex commercial marketplace, B2B events require a reboot. Traditional conference formats, tradeshow booth designs and sales trainings no longer yield results amidst the new generation of talent. B2B events are our specialty. Brands turn to us to create memorable moments for their employees, their current or potential clients, and their partners. Nothing builds esteem or confidence in your organization better than a well-executed event, so we help make business as usual just the opposite. We work with organizations to bring thought leaders together to discuss hot industry topics and we change the perception of trainings held under unforgiving fluorescent lights in uninspired hotel ballrooms.

We produce every type of corporate event possible handling all aspects from venue and catering to scripting and stage management and everything in between.

Product Launches & Stunts

A well-executed stunt provides exponential ROI via earned and social media. You simply need the right idea, executed at the right place, at the right time. Our team delivers your unique idea and masterful execution. Whether unveiling a new product or debuting a new piece of content, we’ll design an event worthy of the big reveal. We have 20 years of  experience producing Red Carpet premieres, product launches, Times Square World Records and more.


At the end of the day, no form of marketing is more powerful than putting your product directly into the hands of a consumer. With a database of thousands of promotional staff, we can activate sampling programs nationally and internationally. Whether delivering highly technical product points for consumer electronics brands or encouraging consumers to purchase tickets to an up and coming Broadway show, we pride ourselves on providing Brand Ambassadors uniquely matched to each brand that we work for. Having activated in more than 65 markets globally, we have extensive local market insights, allowing us to tailor our locations and distribution schedule to reach your desired demographic.


Tours are an incredibly effective vehicle (pun possibly intended) for brand awareness, interaction and conversion. By creating a brand experience on wheels, we design a multi-faceted program which can achieve separate goals for your PR, consumer marketing, trade marketing and sales teams. One investment with endless opportunities.

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