Retail Technologies & Apps Services

Retail technologies and apps help blend the IRL and URL shopping experience, and they help promote brand loyalty programs. In fact, 57% of shoppers report using a retailer’s app while in their store to take advantage of a coupon or discount offer. By developing a retail app, you can literally be in the pocket of your customers.

Not only do retail technologies and apps promote brand loyalty, but they also make shopping with a particular brand more convenient. From such a platform, a person can track orders, save wish lists, find nearby stores, chat with customer service reps, and leave product reviews – all from their phone. It’s a simple way to make a brand more accessible.

BDS Digital excels in app development, and we can also code in-app promotions to coordinate with current online consumer campaigns. Retail technology and apps truly bring the customer lifecycle full circle, helping to enhance all five stages: reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Create your own retail app with BDS.