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What Is Brand Advocacy?

Brand advocacy is the holy grail of customer loyalty. It’s more than just an affinity towards a specific brand – it’s a deep emotional connection to a product or company that turns people into lifetime customers. It’s a fandom that runs so strong that friends and family excitedly share and refer products to one another.

But with consumer expectations evolving so quickly, how do you achieve the long-lasting brand loyalty you desire? While traditional marketing methods may give you a boatload of impressions, they only go so far when it comes to actual engagement and building brand fans for life. Using people-based marketing best practices, our Brand Advocacy solution focuses on connecting the right people to the right products at the right time with the right message so that consumers leave the store with a positive brand experience that they want to share with others.

At the end of the day, brand advocacy is the gift that keeps on giving – it’s a time-tested tool that makes a deep, measurable impact in the short term and long run, plus gives you the ownership, personalization, flexibility, and agility you need as a brand.

Building teams that possess the qualifications and skill sets to represent our clients starts with attracting talent that is dynamic, finding candidates that thrive on building relationships, and discovering individuals that possess a passion for educating and evangelizing the products and technology we represent.


It’s A New Era For Brand Advocacy At Retail

Unlike five years ago, today’s in-store marketing is about guiding informed shoppers to the right product within the showroom environment.

We know that brands and retailers have been working hard to meet new consumer expectations by delivering customized experiences that connect the dots across all marketing channels. However, 64% of US consumers still feel that brands have lost touch with the human element of the customer experience.

Nothing can replace the personalized service that a paid brand representative provides in the store.They can better guide consumers in the purchase process, train store associates on brand messaging, assist both consumers and associates in experiencing your product first-hand, ultimately give consumers the confidence to make that final purchase, and become brand fans after leaving the store.

Did You Know?

of US consumers still feel that brands have lost touch with the human element of the customer experience.

Achieve Results With An Effective
Brand Advocacy Program

As part of our Brand Advocacy solution, we source, train, and develop three major types of brand representatives to not only spread the word about your brand, but grow relationships with stores in targeted markets, transfer brand excitement and knowledge to store associates, and close the sale with customers. This “Brand Advocacy Trifecta” includes: Market Development Managers, Trainers, and Assisted Sales Representatives. Learn more about how we achieve results with our Brand Advocacy Trifecta here.

Need to staff your store, kiosk, or pop-up shop with highly trained, knowledgeable, on-brand sales associates? As part of our end-to-end Brand Shop service, we hire, train, manage, and develop dedicated shop staff who run your store locations, engage customers, and close sales. Read our Channel Marketer’s Guide to Brand Shops to learn more about our approach and get inspiration for your own Brand Shop strategy.

For all of our Brand Advocacy programs, we personally vet each candidate, hire for the perfect brand fit, train on both hard product knowledge and soft selling skills, and develop employees to not only represent your brand, but also share their brand excitement with others. The result? Customers and store associates who continue paying brand love forward by sharing their positive brand experiences with others.

Providing effective soft skill training programs has and will continue to be a vital component to the success of brands and retailers in the customer service game. With how fast technology products are hitting the marketplace, this has increased the expectations when it comes to the retail associate’s knowledge and behavior. Retailers and brands can’t survive on just training on speeds and feeds anymore.


How Do I Launch My Brand Advocacy Strategy?

Whether you’re new to retail or an established Fortune 500 brand, our experts will work with you to craft a custom brand advocacy activation plan based on your unique goals.

Tapping into our 35 years of experience, industry-renowned experts, award-winning teams, and relationships with all major retailers, we have the reach, depth, and experience you need to move the needle forward in the retail channel.

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As consumers began to turn away from separate GPS devices, Garmin needed a partner to change consumer perceptions of their brand and drive sales for their new fitness products at retail.

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Achieved a 9% lift in sales in covered stores versus non-covered stores over four months, which translated into a 198% return on GoPro’s original program investment

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