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A strong digital presence is essential to survive the future of retail. That can be a scary thought to those of us who are used to marketing a physical product in a physical world. However, consumer influence has long extended outside the retail floor and into the mobile device. Physical marketing must be paired with digital excellence to reach today’s consumer.

Here at BDS, we expanded our integrated solutions to include Digital because we know that an omni-channel presence is table stakes. With our deep expertise in the retail channel, we view Digital with a different lens. Digital is a tool that should be used to not only influence consumers, but also to influence retailers and sales associates.

With our full-service Digital marketing division, BDS provides strategic digital integration with your current digital assets, in order to optimize them for retail. Begin influencing retail sales associates digitally and drive consumer traffic to your key retail locations with targeted market over market reach.

BDS Marketing Testimonial | Andrew Catapano – VP Digital / CEO WOWbrands

Despite the popular belief that retail stores would simply become ‘showrooms’ for online buyers, research shows the reverse is true. People still value things such as good old-fashioned helpful service from a store assistant, personalized in-store services, being able to try before buy, immediacy of possession, and not having to pay for shipping/returns. Combine all those things with a strong digital strategy and you’ll get the brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sell-through you’ve always wanted.

Andrew Catapano – VP Digital / CEO WOWbrands

Microsites & Landing Page

Our talented designers, programmers, and content writers will work together to craft the unique website you need to reach your customers. Our sites are designed with a focus on performance. Return-on-investment is always our priority.

Custom Design
Unique Content
Quick Turnaround

Content & PR Marketing

Our content strategists will create compelling content that will help you to get noticed. They will write everything from captivating blog posts to professional press releases. All content and PR marketing will be personalized to fit your company’s brand voice and to target your desired customers.

Press Releases
Blog Posts
Website Content
Advertisement Content
Email Content

Paid Media & Digital Advertising

Our marketing experts will help you to most effectively use your marketing budget through the paid media and digital advertising channels that are right for your company.

Pay-per-Click Advertisements
Google AdWords
Social Media Advertisements
Target Desired Customers
Increase Website Traffic

Social Media Support Campaign

Our social media experts will help you to reach customers through creative advertisements and unique content. Social media is an excellent way of establishing your brand’s voice and building a loyal customer base. With our help, you’ll be able to stay in the front of your desired customers’ minds.

Establish Your Brand
Share Your Voice
Target Your Audience
Deliver Consistent Messaging
Track Audience Insights

Strategy & Analytics

Our team of analysts and SEO strategists will constantly track the effectiveness of the ads and websites we create for you. We firmly believe that if something can’t be measured, it can’t be graded. With this in mind, we carefully analyze the data we gather from your ads and websites and use this data to guide the periodic improvements we make.

Monthly Analytics Reports
Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics
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As consumers began to turn away from separate GPS devices, Garmin needed a partner to change consumer perceptions of their brand and drive sales for their new fitness products at retail.

Garmin Case Study

Achieved a 9% lift in sales in covered stores versus non-covered stores over four months, which translated into a 198% return on GoPro’s original program investment

Go Pro Study

Increased mind share and market share for De’Longhi’s brands in retailers nationwide executed by a full-time Market Development program.

De’Longhi Case Study

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