BDS Commercial

Offering Direct and Indirect Commercial Channel Services

What We Offer

BDS Commercial services is a sales, service and support group dedicated to designing and implementing innovative and impactful programs that increase Reseller and Customer mindshare and marketshare for our clients. We partner with technology companies who offer highly competitive and often complex products, delivering outstanding results that positively impacts sell-through via the Reseller Channel, Reseller Partners and Direct to SMB and Enterprise Customers.


  • Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Program Design and Development
  • Partner Profiling
  • Partner Recruiting, Onboarding and Nurturing
  • Partner Sales Engagement and Management


  • Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Program Design and Development
  • Lead Demand Generation
  • Lead Engagement, Nurturing and Closure
  • Customer Sales Engagement and Management

Why Partner with BDS Commercial?

At BDS, we provide our clients with only the very best industry expertise. When we developed our Commercial solution, BDS acquired the talents of FocusedChannels which enabled us to immediately begin offering well-established commercial services.

Achieving and exceeding our client’s objectives and goals is what drives us. It starts with building the ‘right’ program from discovery all the way through execution. It continues with our experience and proprietary process that optimizes operational efficiencies and sales output and results.

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  • High performance Indirect, Direct, and Sales support services
  • Experienced, engaged and hands-on leadership team
  • Continuous innovation and evolutionary improvement with every program
  • Proven process and methodologies that produce outstanding sales results and quantifiable ROI
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of partner sales results, competition and market trends


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